2018 routes

Beginner (follow the green arrows)

  Churn Creek Greenway

    Swasey Flatlands



    Princess Ditch

Intermediate (follow blue arrows where trails overlap)

    Cosmos Loop  - Clockwise

    Trail 58/French Fry

    Shasta Dam to Chamise

    Shasta Dam - Dry Creek - Please use caution in OHV area (trail 76).

    Swasey - Mule Mountain Loop

    Mount Shasta - Gateway Trails - Call (530) 926-4511 for current conditions.

advanced (follow black where trails overlap)

    Redding to Whiskeytown

    Whiskeytown Triple Crown

    Whiskeytown to Mule Mountain

    Kanaka Peak

    Weaverville LaGrange Classic - Call (530) 623-2121 for current conditions.

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