Do you have what it takes

to BLackOut in 2019

- Jersey, Pizza, Stickers -

We think the Blackout of the Passport is an accomplishment that is noteworthy.  We also think those that Blackout first should be specially recognized.  Therefore we will award the following:


Top 10 Finishers

The first 10 people to black out all of the rides on their passport will receive a limited edition Blackout Jersey.  In order to qualify for this awesome award, you must Strava all your rides, make the ride available to the public to see, and turn in your passport at the City of Redding Recreation at City Hall (777 Cypress Avenue).  Your completion date will be the date you turn in and get your passport stamped by Redding Recreation staff and only after your rides are verified.  We will keep a running total of the finishers below

Finishers 11 through 30

The next 20 finishers will receive a gift certificate for a pizza from Maxwell's Downtown Eatery.


All BlackOuts

Everyone that Blacks their passport out will receive a certificate noting their accomplishment and a special edition MMBC Blackout Sticker.



Name - City - Date Completed

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