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Strava enduro & climbduro

- A Race within a Challenge -

This year the Mayor’s Mountain Bike Challenge will include additional timed challenges on the advanced Whiskeytown to Swasey Ride.  We want to see who can do the whole ride AND what the best times are on the three major descents (Enduro) and what the best times are on the three major climbs (Climbduro).


Here are the rules.

1 You must complete the entire Whiskeytown to Swasey Ride to be eligible.   The ride is detailed in the list of rides on this website and through this link to Strava:  Whiskeytown to Swasey


2 Those that finish the ride will be eligible to compete for a Strava Enduro and Strava Climbduro prize as follows:

Strava Enduro We will award a $125 gift certificate to the top male and female that finish the following three downhills in the fastest combined time:

Strava Climbduro We will award a top prize to the male and female that finish the following three climbs in the fastest combined time:

  • Shasta Mine Climb – trail just above the parking lot to the top of the hill
  • Mule Ridge Climb – from the Princess Ditch to the picnic table at the ridge
  • Escalator Climb – from the first switch back to the top of the climb (no descent)


3 You can enter the competition by sending us an email once you complete the ride and ask that you be entered:

Share Your Ride – from within Strava, share your ride with us.  Send by email to:

Include in the email your desire to compete in the enduro and/or climbduro


4 We will  review your ride and enter your times in our data base.  Note that we will post all times on this website so you can keep track of who is riding and where you stand.


5 We will award the winners at the End of the Challenge Party at Maxwells.  You don’t need to be present to win, but HIGHLY encouraged as you want everyone to see how fast you are.


6 Enter as many times as you want!   If you don’t like your times the first time, try again…and again, but you have to finish the whole ride.  Send us an email each time.


7 This is totally for fun and not a serious competition. So:

  • Strava times may not be what you think they should be.  If you have used Strava much, you already know it isn’t a GREAT timing mechanism and subject to some error.  No arguments, we already know Strava didn’t get your time right ☺.
  • All Rules of the Trail Prevail.  PLEASE be courteous, your time is not that important, and the enjoyable use of the trail by others is extremely important.
  • Be safe and stay well within your own capabilities.  You are on your own, we assume no liability, be safe on the trails.
  • Email any questions to



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