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- Events & Rides -


29  Kick off party in "The Park" - 5:30pm

Join us at "The Park - Food Trucks" to kick off the Challenge.  Socialize with fellow MTBers over good food and beer, and brag about how you are going to get one of the Black Out jerseys.



6  Group Ride - 10am

Lower Swasey Parking lot

19  Spring Spin

It's a party at the Caldwell Junior Bike Park.  Details can be found HERE.

20  Mule Mountain Mayhem

It's a party on your bike.  Visit the event page for more details.



2, 9, 16, 23, 30  May(or) Group Ride

Every Thursday of May we will be having a MMBC Group ride.  Follow us on facebook and instagram for details.

4  International Women's Mountain Biking

More details to come…

11  Weaverville Group Ride

Join the locals for group rides of all levels, then meet back a the park and enjoy a BBQ and try out their new pumptrack. More details to come…

31  Maxwell's Final - Starts at 6pm, Raffle Drawing at 7pm

Make sure you have your passports turned in by noon to qualify for the drawing that will be held at the street party behind Maxwell's.  This is an event you don't want to miss!

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